Past SIETAR Europa Events

Events 2022 – 2023

13 January 2023  (DMeetUp)
DM New Year Kickoff Party

23 January 2023  (Webinar)
Zones of Interculturality: A framework capturing intercultural interactions

6 February 2023  (DMeetUp)
The War from Inside and Outside

23 February 2023  (Webinar)
Inclusive Intelligence: How to be a Role Model for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. 

6 March 2023  (DMeetUp)
Map Out Your Emotions

27 March 2023  (Special Event)
Migration: Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

30 March 2023  (Webinar)
Cultural Adjustment: A Continuous Process

3 April 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetup w/ Brett Parry and Christian Höferle

18 April 2023  (Special Event)
SIG Africa: Working Women in Nairobi

1 May 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetup w/ Chérif Ezzeldin

5 June 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetup w/ Anna Kawalska

8 June - 19 June 2023  (Virtual Institute)
SEVIFEST FilmFest: Pre-Festival Programme

15 June 2023  (Special Event)
SIETAR EUROPA: General Assembly Meeting

23 June - 8 July 2023  (Virtual Institute)
Virtual Institute 2023

3 July 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetup w/ Anastasia Shevchenko

7 August 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetUp w/ Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen and RAAS team

4 September 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetUp w/ Grant Douglas and Bastian Küntzel

2 October 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetUp w/ Patti McCarthy: More Integration, Less Differentiation

20 October 2023  (CCC Break)
What are your thoughts about Mental Health?

27 October 2023  (Special Event)
Group Discussion: Depolarising Our World

6 November 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetUp w/ Cynthia Milani: The Neuroscience of Culture

16 November 2023  (Webinar)
Developing diversity competence. And why we cannot afford to neglect it.  

21 November 2023  (Intercultural Playground)
Learn New Psychocultural Skills Methodology

24 November 2023  (CCC Break)
How can we explore cultural Agility in Job and Talent Search?

30 November 2023  (Special Event)
Let us speak about… wars

4 December 2023  (DMeetUp)
DMeetUp w/ Pia Moberg: Managing Effective and Efficient Meetings

21 December 2023  (Special Event)
Global Happy New Year 2024

3 January 2022  (DMeetUp)
Fine-Tuning InterCultural Artistry

13 January 2022  (CCC Break)
What is the role of the interculturalist in the fight against climate change?

7 February 2022  (DMeetUp)
ECILP project

16 February 2022  (Intercultural Playground)
How to apply visual storytelling to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging?

17 February 2022  (Capacity Building Meetup)
Want to get more members? Improve your membership renewal rate? Promote your events more widely? All with less effort?!

23 February 2022  (Webinar)
HOW TO ROCK THE VIRTUAL SPACE: What are the key factors when designing EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual learning journeys?

28 February 2022  (CCC Break)
Neutrality or statement? How to address conflicts in intercultural programs?

7 March 2022  (DMeetUp)
How to create online-offline balance during virtual courses

18 March 2022  (CCC Break)
What does digital inclusion really mean?

21 March 2022  (Intercultural Playground)
Detoxifying Masculinity - the unspoken DEI Challenge

23 March 2022  (Webinar)
The power of storytelling across cultures

24 March 2022  (Capacity Building Meetup)
You wonder how the publications of you and your members could gain more visibility in the intercultural field? There is great written content being created in your National SIETAR and you look for a way to make it public? Are you looking to share your knowledge with fellow interculturalists and to interact more with the SIETAR community?

25 March 2022  (CCC Break)
What is the role of the interculturalists in the red line between fighting for diversity and preserving national cultures?

4 April 2022  (DMeetUp)
Adding Intercultural Competence to the Mix

20 April 2022  (Intercultural Playground)
Argument! How to Discuss Controversial Issues

26 April 2022  (Webinar)
Leading with hope & heart for a fragile planet

2 May 2022  (DMeetUp)
Transitioning from Ego-Centric to Eco-Centric

20 May 2022  (Special Event)
SIETAR Europa – General Assembly Meeting

6 June 2022  (DMeetUp)
How to establish connections and break walls

15 June 2022  (Intercultural Playground)

24 June 2022  (CCC Break)
What has the pandemic taught us about how new cultures emerge, and how cultures must adapt in order to remain relevant?

29 June 2022  (Webinar)
The Anti-Racism Learning Series - Panel Discussion

4 July 2022  (DMeetUp)
Explore Islamophobia

14 July 2022  (Webinar)
Global Education + Cross-Cultural Wave

1 August 2022  (DMeetUp)
Power of the Word

23 August 2022  (Webinar)
Immersive Technologies and the Embodiment of Intercultural Understanding

5 September 2022  (DMeetUp)
Explore Islamophobia - Part 2

20 September 2022  (ViewPoints)
ViewPoints 3: Empathy

27 September 2022  (Webinar)
Ten principles for the management of different philosophies of life in SME's

30 September 2022  (CCC Break)
How can we navigate uncertainty and provide for psychological safety in global teams?

3 October 2022  (DMeetUp)
Convergence between CBL and D&I processes

18 October 2022  (ViewPoints)
ViewPoints 4: Using all Five Senses

24 October 2022  (Webinar)
Harnessing Neuroplasticity For Intercultural Practice

28 October 2022  (CCC Break)
What role does community resilience play in the acculturation process of people living in the diaspora?

7 November 2022  (DMeetUp)
Otherness and Giftedness

10 November 2022  (Special Event)
The power of the Iranian Women's Protest Movement - Interview with Dr. Haleh Esfandiari

23 November 2022  (Webinar)
Demystifying Chinese leadership culture for the West

24 November 2022  (ViewPoints)
ViewPoints 5

25 November 2022  (CCC Break)
In the context of the pandemic, how is death being dealt with in various societies?

5 December 2022  (DMeetUp)
Can People 'Become Japanese' or Any Nationality for that Matter?

8 December 2022  (Webinar)
Are You Listening?

14 December 2022  (Intercultural Playground)
Using MURAL in an Inspiring Way

16 December 2022  (CCC Break)
How can we enrich our online intercultural inclusivity through the arts?

Past Congresses

SIETAR Europa has been organising regular congresses since 1991. They are both a platform for the exchange of experiences and know-how as well as a unique networking opportunity.

Systems: The Ecosystem of Interculturalism
Lille, France, June 2024

Shifting Perspectives from WEIRD towards Greater Global Inclusion
Virtual Institute 2023, June 2023

Re-Thinking Interculturalism
Malta, May 2022

Anti-racism, Inclusion, and Intersectionality: From cutting-edge research to best practice
Virtual Institute 2021, September 2021

Building Dialogues on Diversity
Leuven, Belgium, May 2019

21st Century Waves of Change
Dublin, Ireland, May 2017

Refreshing the Cultural Paradigm: Sharing Stories, Theories and Next Practices
Valencia, Spain, May 2015

Global Reach, Local Touch
Tallinn, Estonia, September 2013

Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World?
Krakow, Poland, September 2011

Global SIETAR Congress
Granada, Spain, October 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2007

La Colle-sur-Loup, France, September 2005

Berlin, Germany, April 2004

Budapest, Hungary, May 2003

Vienna, Austria, April 2002

Stavanger, Norway, May 2001

Brussels, Belgium, March 2000

Trieste, Italy, February 1999

Bath, United Kingdom, April 1998

Poitiers, France, March 1997

Munich, Germany, June 1996

Prague, Czech Republic, March 1995

Jyvaskyla, Finland, March 1994

Bad Nauheim, Germany, March 1993

Colle Val d’Elsa, Italy, March 1992

Haarlem, The Netherlands, March 1991

Webinars 2014-2021

Vincent Merk
“Extending the paradigm: From Diversity & Inclusion to Belonging & Wellbeing”

Marina Dzhashi
“Modern Russia: destroying myths and stereotypes”

Bill Reed, Seiji Nakano
“Negotiating across cultures”

Silvia King, Louise Lambert
“A different kind of happy – positive psychology and coaching psychology in the Middle East”

Mithun Mridha, Anke Lindemann
“Augmented agility for Virtual Teams: Is it possible to experience “real” agility in a remote working environment?”

Yvonne van der Pol, Joseph Shaules
“Language and cultural learning hand in hand: The Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning”

Zarine Jacob, Regina Reinhardt
“Death & Culture: a dialogue with two intercultural coaches”

Cynthia Milani
“Change Your Brain Change Your Game: How to Use Neuroscience in the Workplace & Crossing Cultures for Better Results”

Maria Todosiychuk
“Fostering Inclusion with Diversity Space Meeting Game”

Karin Martin, Eithne Knappitsch
“Multilingualism and Tolerance of Ambiguity”

Gabriela Weglowska
“Architecting Intercultural Learning”

Elena Shliakhovchuk
“Level Up! Digital Games as an Effective Medium of Intercultural Skills Acquisition”

Agnieszka Ches, Ph.D.
“Cross-Cultural Studies and Their Business Applications: Focus on the Arab Culture”

Manuela Marquis & Jimena Andino Dorato
“From Intercultural ‘Lessons’ to Intercultural ‘Insights'”

Mithun Mridha & Cecilia Lui
“Successful Teams & Businesses: Building Trust and Engagement with India & China”

Katrin Lichterfeld
“Dealing with Accent, Identity and Culture When Using English as a Lingua Franca in International Business “

Lies Wouters
“Are You Having Fun Online?”

Gabriela Weglowska
“Five Secrets from Neuroscience to Accelerate Intercultural Learning”

Ilyll Sne-Or
“Stories That Work: Cross-Cultural Mediation”

Melissa Hahn
“U.S. Cultural Values and the 2020 Presidential Election”

Nina Dziatzko
“Skills 4.0 – Soft, but Hard to Get: Impact of Digitization on Training and Leadership”

Mariana de Oliveira Barros & Adrienne Sweetwater
“How History Builds Values: Delivering Culture-Specific Training – A Focus on Brazil”

Zarine Jacob & Carlos Gonzalez Carrasco
“Decoloniality, Equity and Belonging”

Alicia Partee
“Harmony – Living authentically while abroad”

Mohit Rajan & Laxmi Chaudhry
“Spotlight on India”

Gabriela Weglowska
“Intercultural Training and the Modern Learner”

Patricia Stokke
“Global leadership development lessons from global nomads”

Mithun Mridha & Manuela Marquis
“Intergenerational Mastery for M&As: Building the bridge as you walk!”

Ursula Brinkmann
“From Clashes to Creativity: TEAM READINESS for (Culturally) Diverse Teams”

Maria Mihaela Barbieru
“Communication and Emotion in Intercultural Mediation”

Tamara Thorpe
“Fostering Age Inclusion in the New Millennium”

Bastian Küntzel
“Immersive Training Programme Design with The Learner’s Journey”

Kirsten Waechter
“Challenge our perception: tools to overcome cultural stereotypes”

Dr. George Simons
“What rhymes with time? Party with me (I’m 80 today) for terse verse & talk about the nature, nurture & DNA of the interculturalist.”

Lucy Fogarty & Mo Rajan
“Facilitate a fun and engaging learning experience with interactive cartoon games.”

Helen Sayers
“UBUNTU! The Spirit of Humanity: exploring the creative art of building bridges between
communities, cultures, and hearts.”

R. Boyd Johnson
“How to manage a global research team successfully”

Thomas Greenaway
“Thinking about LGBTQ people in Intercultural Spaces”

Michael Boyle
“Companies are striving to be flexible and are surprised when they run across difficulties. Maybe the problem is culture?”

Fath E Mubeen
“Religious Persecution is on the Rise: The Substantive Freedom Is Under Global Siege”

Perry Holley
“Reinventing Global Leadership: Tools for a Volatile World”

Milton Bennett
“The End of Relativism”

Arjan Verdooren
“The TOPOI model and diversity competence – Cultures don’t meet, people do.”

Hakan Balci
“Support for Integration of Refugees in Germany / Europe as Trainer or Coach”

Roberta Raffaelli and Jimena Andino-Dorato
“Intercultural Coaching: a self-developmental tool to help expatriates enhance intercultural intelligence”

Bastian Küntzel
“The future of work is human: organic, complex and always in transition”

Fiona Citkin
“Expatriates, Immigrants, and Refugees: Women’s Perspective”

François Brossard
“Value and Knowledge Education (VaKE): Using dilemmas for intercultural competence development”

Edmée Schalkx
“What kind of leaders are TCK (3rd Culture Kids)?”

Shannon Murphy Robinson and Mary E. Casey
“Is Self-Awareness a Skill That Can Be Developed?”

Steven E. Wallis
“Hidden Logics: New Templates for Intercultural Understanding?”

Marcelo Baudino
“Why Latin America is still stacked in reverse ethnocentrism”

Denis Niedringhaus
“Using Chinese, Japanese and French TV adverts in intercultural trainings”

Anne Fox
“Culturally responsive training: Why and how?”

Cristina Volpi
“Art masterpieces as metaphors for intercultural training”

Sylvie Tournier
“Geopolitics China: Quietly moving its pawns on the international chessboard”

Lothar Katz
“Cultural Dimensions – What Are They Good For, Anyway?”

Fredrik Fogelberg
“Leading global remote teams”

Dr. Olga Kovbasyuk
“How to do business with Russians”

Dr. George Simons
“Digesting paradigm shifts in intercultural thought and practice”

Yvonne van der Pol
“Tacit knowledge, culture and informal learning”

Anja Gnaedig
“Sales Skills for the Intercultural Trainer”

Ruth Trojan
“Lost and Found in connection: challenges and opportunities of virtual teams”

Matthew Hill
“Negotiating Across Cultures. The 7 most costly mistakes companies make”

Steffi Bärmann
“Home is where … International Career Coaching”

Sven Dinklage
“The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil – An intercultural perspective”

Maura Di Mauro
“The X-Y integration – why and how for the success of the company strategies and results”

October (recording not available)
Barbara Gibson
“Turning Failure into Competence: The Role of Response-to Failure Patterns”

Roberto Ruffino
“Do Italians still exist?”

George Simons
“How culture affects the stages of negotiation”

Ursula Brinkmann, Juanita Wijnands and Yvonne van der Pol
“Intercultural Effectiveness = Connect x Perform x Enjoy”

Livingstone Thompson
“Religion and economic success”

Rudi Camerer and Judith Mader
“Language: Source of all misunderstanding”

David Trickey
“The X-factor- why successful corporate expats need to be magically in two places at the same time (and how to do it)”

Other Events 2014-2021

The Anti-Racism Learning Series was an initiative by SIETAR Europa Board to educate our members on anti-racism, and its intersectionality with the intercultural field.

July 2020
Josephine Apraku, Juliana Santos Wahlgren, Farzana Nayani, Kelli McLoud-Schingen
“Anti-Racism for Interculturalists: A Panel Discussion”

Natasha Aruliah
“Whiteness, Fragility and the Culture of Niceness PART 1”

Susan Holm
“Taking Another Look in the Rear-View Mirror”

Matthew Hill
“A Journey, Deep Into The Heart Of ‘Whiteness’”

Natasha Aruliah
“Whiteness, Fragility and the Culture of Niceness PART 2”

Eila Isotalus, Christian Hoerfle, Amer Ahmed, Livingstone Thompson
“Biases of Intercultural Communication Theory”

January 2021
Pritima Chainani-Barta
“The Change Within: Liberating the Colonised Mind”

Christine Taylor
“Storytelling & Anti-Racism: There are two sides to every story experience”

Şeydâ Buurman-Kutsal
“Understanding the influence of power relations in the dialogue about racism”

Joel A. Brown, Justin A. Sitron, Rita Wuebbeler
“The Intersectionality of Race and Gender Identity”

Dr Alvina Grosu
“Unconscious Bias”

Livingstone Thompson, Nita Sharma, Robert Gibson, Stacey Gordon
“Unconscious Bias Panel Discussion”

Peter Mousaferiadis, Katharina Lefringhansen, Tariq Modood, Lynn Mackenzie, Deepak Ramola
“Enhancing equality and countering discrimination, racism and Intolerance: Experiences”

A Cross-Cultural Coffee Break is a sharing and learning opportunity in an informal virtual setting allowing a small group of participants to dive into a vivid exchange on an intercultural topic.

June 2018
Anna Royon-Weigelt
What are useful tools/attitudes for a facilitator/trainer to deal with different hierarchic levels inside an intercultural training group? recap

Joanna Sell
Are CC training still relevant with managers who were Third Culture Kids? recap

Michalina Konkel
How to approach difficult topics on specific culture training (for example using European toilets for Indian employees)? What are other topics which can be described as hot and subtle? recap

Sunniva Heggertveit- Aoudi
How do I reach through those who are convinced there is no such thing as national culture influence, only different personalities? recap

Elena Pruvli
What does persuasive communication in different cultural and professional contexts mean? recap

January 2019
George F. Simons
How can we change and reinvent male roles in today’s diverse generational cultures? recap

Rosemary Gorman Morley
What intercultural icebreaker and game/activities work best to provide group learning & development programmes such as: Cultural Awareness / Intercultural Communication Skills / Working with a Multicultural Team / Working Effectively Across Cultures? recap

Kasia Moleda
Can we, and ,if yes, how can we use cultural dimensions in a meaningful way? recap

Charlotta Brynger
What do cultural competence and change management have to do with each other? What is the use of cultural agility in a fast changing world, where the environment keeps changing? recap

Joe Kearns
What factors or behaviours lead to the success or failure in cross cultural relationships or marriage? recap

Birgit Griese- Saarinen
How can silence in communication be interpreted and how can we adapt to it? recap

Joanna Sell
How can we use new media and technology to bring cross-cultural training to the next level (exchange on best practices)? recap

Mik Kuczkiewicz
What am I doing actively to promote intercultural understanding and exchange in my immediate environment, ie. family, friends, work environment? recap

Kerstin Brandes
What challenges do expat spouses face in host countries and what strategies work best to overcome these hurdles (focus: Germany and northern Europe)? recap

Gabriela Weglowska
How can we use new learning technologies and the latest research in neuroscience to maximise the learner experience in intercultural skills training? recap

Eileen Petzold-Bradley
What tools can work in intercultural mediation? recap

February 2020
Barbara Covarrubias Venegas
How can we foster the sense of team belonging in a global virtual team? recap

Gabriela Weglowska
What creative methods could we use to analyse the learners’ training needs to have long lasting results? recap

Nikki Webster
Should we dedicate more time to culturally adapted language when facilitating CD programs? recap

Joanna Sell
How can we apply storytelling in the intercultural programs for leaders? recap

Chantal Ladias
How does the risk averse culture environment affect the entrepreneurship behaviour in a region?

Maria Mihaela Barbieru
How do you handle ethical challenges in the client negotiation process taking into account the cultural perspective?

Camilla Degerth
How do we teach Artificial Intelligence not to discriminate in the recruitment process? recap

Kalaivani Mattern
What are your experiences of conducting cross-cultural workshops for the “social media generation”? recap

Gabriela Weglowska
What creative methods could we use in the intercultural training evaluation process for the full illustration of the ROI? recap

January 2021
Ilyll Sné-Or
How does culture influence work-life balance for women? recap

Nina Dziatzko
Lost in Connection? What differentiates a great virtual-space-leader from a great physical-office-leader?

Camilla Degerth
24/7 availability? How do generations deal differently with virtual work? recap

Eva Janebova
HELP! How can I contribute to the internationalisation@home in my university?

Joanna Sell
Game on! How to engage the disengaged?

Alicja Kuciel, Monika Guzek
How western is the concept of Burnout? recap

Vincent Merk
How to deal with and manage cultural differences related to remote work settings?

Gradiola Kapaj
Taboo or not? Islamophobia and interculturalists – what are we doing?

Gradiola Kapaj
What is the benefit of feminism for men?

The objectives of an Intercultural Playground are to learning by playing, gain experience with new games, and have some fun with fellow SIETARians.

February 2021
Lucy Fogarty
“Culture Buff Games – Chinese Values, Indian Values, American Values, British Values”

George Simons
“Haikumania Contest”

Tatiana Gavrilova
“LEGO-based facilitation for diverse teams”

Maria Todosiychuk
“Diversity Space Meeting #DiversitySpaceMeeting”

Bernd Gibson
“The Alien X-perience”

Joanna Sell, Grazia Ghellini
“Inscape Room for Global Teams”

Claudia Issa, Anna Zelno
“diversophy® Diversity and Inclusion”

Amaia Ojer
“Roll the dice!”