DEIB Learning Series

Addressing the DEIB Challenges and Trends in the Workplace

27 February 2024
18:00 - 19:15 CET

The Leading SIETAR Global DEIB Learning series is an online training program which aims to enhance knowledge and skills about DEIB and its intersectionality.

In SIETAR People are at the heart of our organization. We do believe DEIB is essential to achieve sustainable objectives and drive improvement.

SIETAR DEIB Learning series is dedicated to providing High -Quality training and content which helps all DEI Professionals, Practitioners and Intercultural Actors in contributing to improve DEIB within their workplace.

We are committed to help our members and organizations to build a Robust DEIB Strategy and grow their skills in DEIB.

In this Journey on 27 of February from 18h00 to 19h15 CET we will explore :


With our guest speakers:

Pari Namazie, Global Executive and Leadership Team Coach, Former SIETAR Europa President
Pr. Carlos Antonio González, Digital Diplomacy and Geo Political International Expert : IRELAC Vice President
Tamara Makoni, Award-Winning Inclusion and Culture Specialist Founder & CEO KAZURI Consulting

Liesbeth Huysmans, ACC ( ACTP), Intercultural Consultant, Coach & Trainer
As Chair’s final remarks

This SIETAR DEIB Learning is hosted by Papa Balla Ndong DEIB Strategist and SIETAR Europa Member.

We feature a diverse range of guest speakers and contributors, offering fresh-thinking and tackling the critical DEIB related Challenges and Trends. We are as well not afraid of asking tough questions. Additionally, it will be a valuable platform for engaging in authentic DEIB conversations, fostering empathy, and establishing agreements to create effective DEIB solutions.

By participating in this DEIB Learning series, you will have the opportunity to define the concept, brainstorm solutions, anticipate challenges, and envision goals.

Join us to discover valuable insights and actionable strategies to drive change and create a more inclusive and equitable world.

Key Questions to Be Explored

  • How to move DEIB Strategy to a systemically integrated practice?
  • How can DEIB help us and our business to accelerate change and growth?
  • What is and will be the impact of AI in Intercultural Work?
  • And more and more


Please register using this free link below:
We look forward to your participation and contribution.


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