Intercultural Playground


15 June 2022
17:00 - 18:30 CET


GLOBAL TEAMS 2050 – An interactive intercultural game designed for team managers
and all types of employees dealing with change
facilitated by Anja Achenbach and Maria Mihaela Barbieru

Globalization and digitalization have changed teamwork and the pandemic has increased this process tremendously. Our game puts the participants in another one’s shoes in order to enhance intercultural awareness and sensitivity and shows them what a diverse team can achieve together.

The game will enhance flexibility, train agile competencies and pave the way for corporate and social_transformation.

Join us and have fun learning by playing.

The Objectives of the Intercultural Playground:

  • Learning by playing
  • Gaining the user experience
  • Having fun and playing the games with other fellow sietarians
  • Exchanging on possibilities where and how the game can be played (in the debrief session)

SIETAR Europa members will receive an invitation to register about 2 weeks before the event.

With the best wishes from the SIETAR Europa Intercultural Playground Team,
Joanna Sell & Gradiola Kapaj


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