Intercultural Playground

Detoxifying Masculinity – the unspoken DEI Challenge

21 March 2022
17:00 - 18:30 CET

Detoxifying Masculinity - the unspoken DEI Challenge

Detoxifying Masculinity – the unspoken DEI Challenge
facilitated by Dr. George F. Simons and Teresa Mroczek

We will introduce the diversity challenge of toxic masculinity and discuss it with a game played in breakout groups. This game’s dynamics unfetter the male prowess and women’s support to address the stunting cultural beliefs of what it means to be a man in today’s world. How? By identifying the toxic steroids of male cultural metanarratives that shape no-exit caste systems where the large majority of men are disposable, while women are duped into envying this privilege. These seductive fables colonize us with gender and racial neuro-synapses that we can change. It’s time to reactivate men’s testosterone to inseminate male minds to birth new and better stories to live by. The game will provide insight into how to stand erect again and to find useful, collaborative know-how!

Join us and have fun learning by playing.

The Objectives of the Intercultural Playground:

  • Learning by playing
  • Gaining the user experience
  • Having fun and playing the games with other fellow sietarians
  • Exchanging on possibilities where and how the game can be played (in the debrief session)

SIETAR Europa members will receive an invitation to register about 2 weeks before the event.

With the best wishes from the SIETAR Europa Intercultural Playground Team,
Joanna Sell & Gradiola Kapaj


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