How to create online-offline balance during virtual courses

7 March 2022
15:00 - 16:00 CET

How to create online-offline balance during virtual courses

Do you already feel the spring is in the air? We are sure you can sense it even if you are too much concentrated on the news and latest political developments. Nature seems to collaborate better and makes smarter decisions in comparison to us, humans, don’t you think?

Although spring is the time when we are getting out of our premises more eagerly, many activities remain in the online format.

Therefore, our next DMeetUp of the 7th of March, at 3 p.m. CET with Katarzyna Molęda continues to be urgent to many, if not all of us!

How to create online-offline balance during virtual courses

Most of us have led online courses and workshops even before the pandemic. What has changed is the situation of our participants. In many cases, their work moved to their homes and the biggest part of their lives takes place in a virtual world. Even if we all know how important online-offline balance is, we may forget that also our online courses and webinars should respect human physiology and psychology, promote healthy online-offline balance, include high-quality breaks, and enable participants to leave their computers from time to time. During this interactive webinar, you’ll have a chance to both experience a human-friendly online setting, and share your own tips and ideas.

Katarzyna Molęda is a co-founder of Enterculture, business consultant, and intercultural trainer supporting multinational teams and individual professionals and leaders. She has a diploma in applied sociology (Stockholm University) and Scandinavian Studies (Gdańsk University). As a yoga- and mindfulness- practitioner (MBSR,MSC) with 20+ years of experience, she recognizes the crucial role of physical and mental well-being and creates conditions for learning that help participants to feel both safe and energized. Katarzyna is a member of the Mindfulness-Based Teacher Association Sweden. She lives in Stockholm.

Katarzyna can be reached at

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