Benefits of SIETAR Membership

Whether you join as a SIETAR Direct Member or through one of the National SIETARs, these benefits are available to you:

  • Being part of a professional network with renowned interculturalists, academics, trainers and many interesting connections.
  • Information about congresses, conferences, training, webinars and social events.
  • Discounts on SIETAR events worldwide (webinars, congresses, masterclasses, etc.).
  • Participation in Special Interest Groups (Africa, Diversity & Inclusion, LGBT, Migration).
  • Contributing to and receiving SIETAR Europa publications, such as Curiously Intercultural.
  • Contributing to and participating in SIETAR Europa webinars, CCC-Breaks and other events.
  • Opportunities to participate in committees and workgroups.
  • Chance to share experiences, resources and best practices, as well as to receive feedback and recommendations.

Join Us!

Are you considering becoming a SIETAR Europa member? There are opportunities for both Individuals and Organizations to become part of the SIETAR community.

Individual Direct Membership is ideal for Individuals who live or work in a country without a National SIETAR, who travel extensively, or who have other considerations, such as language. A reduced rate option is available for students, retirees and those with annual net income under 15.000€.

Organizational Membership is for educational institutions, businesses and NGOs that support the aims of SIETAR Europa. Membership includes organizational listing and direct membership for five individuals.

Alternatively, National SIETAR Membership is an option. You may join one of the nine National SIETARs if you live in the country, are a national of that country, or are a native speaker of their official language. Visit the Global SIETARs page for the links to the National SIETARS.


Individual Direct Member

€100 per year

Individual Reduced Rate

€30 per year  

For-Profit Organization

€360 per year

Not-For-Profit Organization

€100 per year