Otherness and Giftedness

7 November 2022
15:00 - 16:00 CET

Otherness and Giftedness – fostering « a…broad » perspective through Symbolic Creativity.

How can narrative practices, philosophical traditions, trauma-informed positive psychoeducation, metaphoric tools, and cultural artifacts blend into a methodology proving useful to talented nomads who embody both cognitive and cultural diversity?

This discussion with Isabelle Gillet will share some insights for intercultural professionals supporting people very aware of their surroundings, yet experiencing identity crisis during frequent transitions, struggling with a blurry sense of Self.

We will explore polysemic images, objects, and idiomatic expressions in order to grow our potential for embracing universal wisdom through human diversity acceptance.
To explain her work hands-on, our presenter will propose several short breakrooms to the participants, each theme exploring possible meanings we can build from a trigger of metacognition.

Isabelle Gillet is a clinical anthropologist and cross-cultural coach helping highly skilled people lead their demanding international life with more psychological comfort. Being of Belgian origin but also Portuguese at heart and deliberately « a citizen of the world », she initially studied Social Anthropology and specialized in Mental Health, went to UK for Teacher Training, then added Psychotraumatology to her portfolio. She is also certified in the Neurocognitive & Behavioural Approach, in Cultural Neuroscience, and Gifted Counseling. Isabelle shares her life between Belgium and Portugal and works mainly with expats on existential issues ranging from complex trauma to inner resilience and how to break free from limiting beliefs. Before launching her private practice in 2015, which she named HEMISPHERES after « the common point between our brains and the world », Isabelle Gillet had worked for 20 years on European-wide and US Government programmes. She now acts as a trilingual therapist, trainer and supervisor, focusing on Cross-Cultural Intelligence. Her Symbolic Creativity approach supporting « legal aliens with kaleidoscopic profiles » integrates systemic, semantic and scientific models, looking at well-being through « a…broad » perspective!


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