The War from Inside and Outside

6 February 2023
15:00 - 16:00 CET

Almost a year ago, in February 2022 russia started its full-scale invasion in Ukraine. Those 12 past months changed a lot in the world and we are all impacted by the war in this or that way, both as people and interculturalists.

As we know, this is not a war for territories but a war of values. Fortunately, European values have been proving to win. Due to the war more than 10 million Ukrainians became refugees or people temporarily hosted in other countries. All of a sudden, we faced the reality of living closer together. What do we learn from each other? What is useful and what doesn’t work? What are our personal and professional experiences of the war and how they can be helpful?

We invite you to explore

The War from Inside and Outside.

at our 28th DMeetUp, on Monday, the 6th of February at 3 p.m. CET
together with our colleagues Monika Chutnik from Poland and Victoria Spashchenko from Ukraine.

Victoria is a cross-cultural coach and facilitator, Board Member of SIETAR Europa and trainer and mentor of Young SIETAR. She is also a Solution-Focused practitioner, Project Manager of “Solution-Focused Ukraine”, speaker and author. Her professional expertise is built around changes in the Solution-Focused way and management and communication of multi-cultural teams.

Monika helps leaders worldwide with their international virtual teams as leadership trainer and cross-cultural coach. Co-founder of SIETAR Polska. Monika works globally, fully remote 👩‍🚀. She is also a consultant and podcaster. One of her YouTube videos “What surprises Ukrainians in Poland” (in Polish) collected more than 14,000 views. More on Monika on

This session is a platform for us to discuss how the war has been viewed, felt and addressed in our countries and professional communities and what is our intercultural response to challenges caused by the war.

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