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Volunteer Views: Tamara Makoni

Listen to one of SIETAR’s volunteers share 30 seconds about their experience.

What reindeer and Indigenous perspectives can teach us about climate change

The upper north of Europe, characterised by arctic landscapes, is the home of the Sámi Indigenous People who found a way of living in the region long time ago. But who are the Sámi and what can we learn from their lifestyle about climate change? Turns out to be pretty much.

Coffee with MG… diversity and inclusion with Gary Thomas, Managing Director-Assist GmbH

Starting this April, we are pleased to bring you views, opinions and ideas from a large but select cross-section of experts on biannual topics under the blog: Coffee with MG. Our topic for this half of an already eventful 2022 is Diversity and Inclusion. Our first guest: SIETAR Germany’s former President Gary Thomas.

Member Spotlight: Weirong Li

Happy Friday! Today our spotlight is on @Weirong Li , a @sietaraustria member. If you could go back and speak to yourself at 15 again, what would you tell yourself about culture, why? #SEUVC #SIETAR #intercultural #interculturaltraining

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

A compelling story about the character Kim Ji-young who faces the difficulties of growing up as a woman and motherhood in Korean society. Ji-young may be fictional, but is presented in the book as a realistic individual representing many women with a similar fate in Korea.


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