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Coffee with MG: Practising Diversity and Inclusion Across the Ocean

“I always tend to see more similarities than differences. I always tend to see more things that we share than our contradictions”

“Find the commonalities and emphasize them. Resolve conflicts not by force but by mutual acceptance”             

Dr. Herbert Traxl, Former Austrian Ambassador

The Deep Culture Podcast

As we continue introducing podcasts from the intercultural communications field, here is the Deep Culture Podcast that “explores the psychological impact of intercultural experiences, informed by the sciences of brain, culture and mind.”

Why transcultural approaches are indispensable in addressing mental health: a focus on Sámi Indigenous People

Which definition would you give the word transculturalism? To me, transculturalism is not just a concept that describes a mix of multiple cultures existing together. Transculturalism is the will to understand the other, finding common values, and seeing the fruits of intercultural connection––to a further extent, to see each other’s difficulties, pain, and trauma.

“How can I help you today?”

Human: Hello, who are you?  AI: I am an AI created by OpenAI. How can I help you today?  Human: I was wondering how AI can improve intercultural training.  …

The podcast series “Between the East and the West”

    The series showcases the journey of people who have straddled continents in their work and relationships…who have taken the road less travelled and gathered enough moss to share some! Their motivations to spread roots and shoots spiritually, mentally and passionately, their learnings...


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