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Change Begins with Us

by Tamara Thorpe Why we created the SEU Anti-racism Learning Series The murder of George Floyd ignited a Global Racial Reckoning, a call to action for people, communities, organizations and nations around the world to confront racial injustice. The world could no longer hide behind the ideals of a...

Call for Virtual Event Proposals: Webinars & CCC Breaks 2022

Dear SIETARians, The SIETAR Europa Member Benefits Committee is happy to announce that we are now accepting proposals for our SEU Webinar Series 2022 and our Cross-Cultural Coffee (CCC) Breaks in 2022! With our monthly interactive webinars and CCC Breaks we aim to create a space for SIETAR members...

SIETAR Europa New Year’s Message

SIETAR Europa New Year’s Message Dear SIETAR Europa members and friends, 2021 has been, to say the least, a challenging year for all of us. It has been a year of difficulties and restrictions to see our loved ones, especially for those with family all over the world. It has been a time of climate...

Curiously Intercultural Goes Live Now

Dear SIETARians, For the start of 2022, we have prepared something new and exciting for you: I am happy to announce that Curiously Intercultural, SIETAR Europa’s new rolling online platform, is live now! So what is Curiously Intercultural actually about? The idea of Curiously Intercultural was...

As interculturalists, is it time to look beyond nations for a deeper understanding?

Brief summary: When it comes to understanding culture, national cultures are often the de facto option to highlight difference. But in today’s ever-evolving and globalised world, what can we gain by looking beyond nations – and what other avenues could we explore to bring cultural differences to...

Culturalism: the elephant in the room?

Culturalism: the elephant in the room? In his article “Meeting the Intercultural Future”, Milton Bennett made an eloquent and passionate appeal to the intercultural community to take responsibility for the kind of future they are calling into life through their work. In order to build a more...

White is not a colour, is it? Interculturalists and white privilege 

White is not a colour, is it? Interculturalists and white privilege  by Kirsten Wächter   White privilege can be viewed by some as a position of patronising and benevolence: “I’m here to help.”, while ignoring the world views of others.    At one of SIETAR Europa’s anti-racist webinars,...

Understanding Unconscious Bias – Insights from Neuroscience

Understanding Unconscious Bias - Insights from Neuroscience by Eithne Knappitsch  Understanding the nature of unconscious bias, its implications and how to reduce or correct it, is becoming an increasingly popular part of corporate training.  What is unconscious bias?  Numerous studies have...

Interview with Svetlana Buko – A joyful and penetrative interculturalist

Interview with Svetlana Buko - A joyful and penetrative interculturalist  Russian culture has often been perceived by outsiders with a combination of awe and intrigue. Former  British prime minister Winston Churchill once described  the country as “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an  enigma”...

Conspiracies, Fake News and my Role as an Interculturalist

Conspiracies, Fake News and my Role as an Interculturalist  by Nguyen-Phuong-Mai  The recent U.S. election has exposed the disastrous impact of conspiracies and fake news, way beyond its national border. Like many others, interculturalists were deeply involved, and rightfully so. Now that the...

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