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[Pre-Congress Online] Beyond WEIRD: A Deep Culture Approach to Intercultural Education

31 May 2024
12:00 - 13:30 CET

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Presenter:Joseph Shaules

Background: In recent years, intercultural (IC) educators have become increasingly aware of (WEIRD–White, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) cultural assumptions in intercultural education pedagogy. In addition, researchers have made enormous strides in understanding culture and cognitive processes, eg: cultural differences in information processing, emotion, motivation, and identity; cognitive biases; empathy and value judgments. This deep dive will contribute to the ecosystem of interculturalism by exploring how these insights from brain-mind sciences can help develop new approaches to pedagogy less limited by existing paradigms.

Workshop structure: This deep dive will be in two parts: The first focuses on a reflection on how WEIRD assumptions have shaped dominant paradigms in intercultural education. This includes: 1) a focus on concepts and definitions, 2) an emphasis on idealized (secular) outcomes, and 3) treating culture as a form of individual identity. Examples will be given of how these tendencies limit the usefulness of intercultural pedagogy in non-WEIRD contexts. Presenters will share their experience working in India and Japan, as well as research into attitudes held by intercultural educators.

The second part will explore a “deep culture” approach to IC pedagogy grounded in two key elements: 1) the experience of navigating foreign/intercultural experiences 2) an empirical understanding of how culture shapes our experience of the world. It will be argued that this approach can point the way towards intercultural education pedagogy grounded in the way that the mind works–one which can be used in a broad range of IC contexts.

Open to All!
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