DMeetUp w/ Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen and RAAS team

7 August 2023
15:00 - 16:15 CET

DMeetUp w/ Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen and RAAS team

How to Support the Cultural Journeys of Refugees and their Volunteers

Our next DMeetUp on the 7th of August, at 3 p.m. CET is hosting not a single speaker but a team!

Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen, Janina Neumann, Caroline Lowish, Linda Pilling, and Anne-Claude Lambelet – the RAAS project members, are exploring the theme How to Support the Cultural Journeys of Refugees and their Volunteers.

In times of growing human displacement due to war and climate change, SIETAR UK and Switzerland decided to use their members’ expertise to develop initiatives for the support of refugees/persons who seek asylum (RAAS) as well as volunteers who work with them. In particular, emphasis is given to the role of volunteers in their own and RAAS’ acculturation process. In this presentation, we will share the underlying evidence-based principles from the intercultural and acculturation literature of this line of work as well as share an exercise used in the training. This will be followed by an open discussion regarding challenges faced by RAAS members and volunteers.

Dr Katharina Addington-Lefringhausen is a Cross-Cultural Social Psychologist, working as an Assistant Professor at the Heriot-Watt University. Her research focuses on how majority members acculturate towards ethnic minorities in a shared society. Moreover, Katharina acts as the Director of Community Development at SIETAR UK, having led the development and delivery of the RAAS project since 2018. She can be reached at\

Janina Neumann is a multilingual intercultural trainer and creative director, helping clients build their brands across cultures by communicating and marketing more effectively. She has been a member of the RAAS Project since October 2020 and co-leader since April 2023.

Caroline Lowish is an Educational Interculturalist and University Lecturer specialising in teaching international students in the UK and China. Caroline aims to support intercultural transition irrespective of individual circumstances including RAAS Member & University students transitioning into a country different to their own. Contact: globalculturelens@gmail.com

Linda Pilling is an intercultural trainer and diversity specialist with international experience spanning both the public and private sectors. This includes refugee resettlement, public policy development, and cross-cultural coaching and training for Local Authorities and international corporations. SIETAR USA member since 2004 and SIETAR UK and RAAS committee member since 2020.

Anne-Claude Lambelet is a founding board member of SIETAR Switzerland and served the Swiss association for several terms. An intercultural trainer with over 30 years of experience she has worked both within multinationals and for projects involving volunteers working with refugees (Canton of Geneva volunteers working with refugee centers and volunteers hosting unaccompanied minors). During her time as president, she was the initiator of a joint project between the Swiss Universities students’ union Perspectives Studies Project and SIETAR Switzerland. She is an external stakeholder on the FORTHEM European Universities IncluKIT project. She is a strong advocate of continued refugee initiatives for SIETAR associations and a lead team member of SIETAR Europa’s SIG Migration.
The theme we are discussing together is of interest to many and we are looking forward to learning and valuable exchanging.


SIETAR Members, watch for an email with the registration link.


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