Virtual Institute

Virtual Institute 2023

23 June - 8 July

Shifting Perspectives from WEIRD towards Greater Global Inclusion

At the 2022 SIETAR Europa Congress, we were invited to Re-think Interculturalism, to challenge what we have known and learned from a Western Educated Industrial Rich and Democratic (WEIRD) perspective. This year’s Virtual Institute invites us to move deeper into those conversations to discuss how intercultural educators, trainers and researchers can move towards a more globally inclusive perspective.

The Virtual Institute will explore this theme through the lens of our core pillars: Education, Training and Research.

Our intercultural work continues to intersect with justice, equity, diversity and inclusion work so can we or should we continue to only rely on WEIRD research tools and resources? Postcolonialism invites us to question a new more inclusive and less WEIRD approach to our work.

Throughout the Virtual Institute, participants will explore new non WEIRD perspectives and challenge the future and our approach to interculturalism with greater global inclusion.


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