Fine-Tuning InterCultural Artistry

3 January 2022
15:00 - 16:00 CET

Fine-Tuning InterCultural Artistry

We applaud our star presenter Doctor Cindy Egolf, a person who is connecting the orchestral cultures with the ideas a multicultural world. Having travelled and lived in many places around the globe, her primary interest is in multicultural experiences and how we create and unite ensembles with various perspectives. She is also a keynote speaker on “Manage Like a Maestro”, teaches voice for public speakers, coaches listening skills and development of charisma.

Doctor Cindy Egolf will lead our discussion on Fine-Tuning InterCultural Artistry.

Discover how your cultural identity is an asset in creating artistry: [ ahr-ti-stree ] showing skill, expertise, finesse or excellence. We will also learn how to ignite imagination and unite creativity from a common point of agreement.

Cindy Egolf has earned a Doctorate of Orchestral Conducting from University of Michigan, USA, and has conducted professional orchestras for nearly 40 years in North America, Europe and Asia. Dr. Egolf has also taught music in Kuwait, India and US. More information can be found on her website: and LinkedIn page –

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