CCC Break

How can we explore cultural Agility in Job and Talent Search?

24 November 2023
11:00 - 11:45 CET

Please save the date for our upcoming Cross Cultural Coffee break on 24 November 2023 at 11h00- 11h45 CET on Zoom.

Burning Questions

  • How can we explore cultural Agility in Job and Talent Search?
  • How do I get a Job in a different country with language and culture differences?
  • What can companies do to find and keep Talent while working in diverse cultures?
  • How can companies and Talent team up to make it simpler to find and fill jobs in diverse cultures and languages?

Thanks for the Contribution to Tanya Podvrsan International Carrer Coach ACC and recruiter, who will start the CCCBreak with a brief 3-5mn introduction into the topic.

SIETAR Ireland member Representative will moderate the session.

You are asking yourself what CCCBreak stands for?

Well, it is a Cross-Cultural Coffee Break : every participant grabs a cup of coffee( cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, you name It) and dives into a vivid exchange on an intercultural Topic.

The objectives of CCCBreaks

Sharing and learning in an informal virtual setting.
Every CCCBreak is designed for the max.number of 10 participants in order to allow the maximum of interaction between our participants.

How can you register?

SIETAR Europa Direct Members and members of National SIETARs within Europa will receive registration information.


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