Map Out Your Emotions

6 March 2023
12:00 - 13:00 CET

Map Out Your Emotions

We are pleased about our new year of offerings to you and hope that you have enjoyed last month’s DMeetUp.

Please note the new time of 12:00 for our 6 March meeting. For an optimal experience you will need to bring a blank piece of paper and a pen.

This month we are pleased to offer an exciting tool for interculturalists and lay people alike.  MAP OUT YOUR EMOTIONS with Marco Bertagni NOON 6 March, 2023. You will learn to elicit and map your emotions in a completely natural and fun way, through the innovative Geo-Emotional Mapping methodology. See poster attached!

In this 1-hour online SIETAR EUROPE edition of MAP OUT YOUR EMOTIONS® Marco Bertagni, CEO of Bertagni Consulting, will take you on an interactive 1-hour journey through the magical world of emotional mapping. We will start by looking at the little-known, but very fascinating, field of emotional cartography. Marco will tell you how the idea of drawing the map of THE RIVER OF LIFE was born and how, precisely that map, dated back 2015, was the basis on which the entire Geography-of-Emotions-based project was built, culminating in 2019 with the foundation of EMME and of Emotional Geography UK Ltd in 2021.

Once you have been told by Marco about the rules of the River Game MAP OUT YOUR EMOTIONS, you will get into a ZOOM room and dive into drawing 2 imaginary places of your own map of YOUR River of Life. You will then describe them to the room mates and you will realize how talking about your emotions through the description of an imaginary place, is much simpler, more authentic and natural than talking about them directly.

Marco Bertagni graduated university in Political Science with a masters in International Trade.  He is the inventor or Eliciting Mapping Managing Emotions.  His dreams of aggregating companies, developing international exchanges, combining disciplines and offering reasoned intuitions to People and Organizations to help them become who they are, and to continue to flow.

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