Congress 2024

[Pre-Congress Online] Cultural Reflexivity: a practical approach for training, coaching and consulting in today’s complexity

3 June 2024
18:00 - 19:30 CET

Open to All!
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Presenters:Gesa Krämer, Kirsten Nazarkiewicz

Today´s complexity as well as the development of the specialised literature on Intercultural Communication requires a multi-paradicmatic regarding the support by professionals. We developed a culturally reflexive approach that combines three areas of expertise to foster intercultural competencies: working with hypotheses and interpretations, deconstructing privileges and systemic solution finding.

With this cultural reflexive meta-perspectives we apply three different notions of culture in a systematic and systemic way by anticipating their specific understanding of knowledge and in practical action.

In this interactive workshop we will discuss cases with you and experience the approach interactively.

Open to All!
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