Global Education + Cross-Cultural Wave

14 July 2022
18:00 - 19:00 CET

Global Education + Cross-Cultural Wave

Prior to the Pandemic, the Global Learning Crisis resulted in a quarter of a billion children currently out of school, even more, 330 million children are in school but failing to learn. Today, those numbers have increased significantly in a way that as an educator – my heart is broken. The uncertainty of a pandemic broke the resiliency of educators around the world leading towards the network effect of finger-pointing, less collaboration, new challenges, and most upsettingly, children failing to learn. When children grow up around diverse people and cultures, they begin to respect the institutional basics (reading, writing, and arithmetic), scores increase, and children are learning.

Webinar Highlights: 1) Intercultural Education, 2). How Technology Helps, 3). Creating Inclusiveness

Presenter: Alysa Grayson
Alysa Grayson is a social-impact entrepreneur whose work focuses on leveraging cultural art education’s network effect as an asset towards economic development. Her theoretical perspective and evidence-based research have awarded her international recognition as Founder of Toma Barre Education. Toma Barre Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing the experience for students worldwide to learn [virtually] with their global peers gaining intercultural experience driving behaviors to increase learning in the classroom. Grayson has proven her commitment to education by receiving a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Texas Woman’s University, Master of Leadership from the University of Dallas, Master of Science in International Relations and Business from American University in D.C., and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certification from Harvard University.


Target Audience:
International Education Advocates, Leaders, Parental Guardians and Community


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