How to establish connections and break walls

6 June 2022
15:00 - 16:00 CET

The topic of our next DMeetUp of the 6th of June, at 3 p.m. CET with Olga Collin, a Senior Advisor at Intercultural Solutions of IOR Global Services continues the discussion of

How to establish connections and break walls

Most of us have experienced “difficult” clients and program participants who
– know it all because it’s their 3rd international move
– don’t need training because they have led global teams for years
– extensively traveled
– participate only because it was mandated
The list goes on and on. In such cases, training may be frustrating, exhausting, and energy and effort-consuming. But once we get through the walls of mistrust and strike the cord magic happens!

In this interactive session, we will explore ways and strategies for creating that deep connection that is crucial to facilitating learning, new discoveries, and “aha” moments!

Olga Collin is a seasoned trainer, coach, and professional expat who shares her first-hand experience of moving countries, lifestyles, and cultures with globally mobile professionals in the effort of normalizing change and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Originally from Ukraine, Olga worked for 6 years in Germany, the UK, and Italy and currently resides and works in the United States. Her training career spans both private and public sectors in a variety of areas including manufacturing, consumer products, engineering, marketing, and education.

Olga is an active member of SIETAR and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Additionally, she is certified in a number of intercultural competence and personality assessment tools. Currently, she works as a Senior Advisor at Intercultural Solutions of IOR Global Services, a company that offers customized cultural solutions to the global customer base. In her role, Olga frequently writes and presents on topics of intercultural communication and training. Most recently she was featured as a key speaker at Business Strategies Across Culture webinar for Relocation Directors Council in the US.

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