HOW TO ROCK THE VIRTUAL SPACE: What are the key factors when designing EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual learning journeys?

23 February 2022
18:00 - 19:00 CET

The Global Case Study Challenge (#GCSC) is a real intercultural and virtual learning journey, which provides the learners with invaluable experience for their private and professional lives. Professors and lecturers from more than 30 universities from across the globe have joined this experiential learning activity, with some 1500 students, over the past 4 years!This SIETAR Europa webinar will give you some insight into how we have created an EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual learning journey for both our students and professors.We will provide you an overview of this #COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project and answer the following questions:
  • How did we design this experiential COIL learning journey? How are learning objectives connected with competency development and assessment?
  • What are the benefits of the case study methods for teaching in a higher education institution and how do we approach it?
  • How do we build a shared teaching and evaluation approach with professors from all over the world?
  • How do we use elements of gamification but also reflection in our didactical design?
  • How do we measure intercultural and digital leadership competency development of our Global Case Study Challenge learners over the course of their journey?
  • What role do Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) play in our design, partnerships and organisational core values and why does this matter for 21st century educational programs?
Dr. Barbara Covarrubias is an expert in new ways of working and learning, international keynote speaker and executive coach focusing on hybrid work settings, digital leadership and positivity in organisations. With over 15 years in the intercultural field she has been developing training programs for HEI, multinationals and small and medium enterprises across the globe.
FH-Prof. Dr. Eithne Knappitsch  is Professor of Intercultural Management at the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia, at the School of Management. Eithne is a practitioner-academic-educator with expertise in virtual teamwork and leadership, Intercultural Communication and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Management. Eithne is acting President of SIETAR Austria.
Dr. Anna Zinenko  international education and corporate sustainability expert. Worked in MNCs, IGOs and higher educational settings in 6 countries, where she taught more than 2000 students from five continents. Her research interests include sustainability strategy, corporate social responsibility instruments, and sustainability integration in different cultural frameworks.
Dr. Svetlana Buko, sociologist, project manager, COIL methodologist, and cross-border researcher. Born in St. Petersburg (Russia), worked and lived in 6 countries. Her mission is to collaborate with international teams to design innovative research-based transformational learning experiences for adults in order to develop intercultural competencies and bridge the skill-gap.


Target Audience:
Educators and trainers interested in specifics of design and facilitation of virtual learning journeys, individuals interested in designing and executing COIL programs/virtual exchange in higher education institutions.


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