Zones of Interculturality: A framework capturing intercultural interactions

23 January 2023
18:00 - 19:00 CET

Leah Davcheva is the Founder and Director of AHA moments Centre for Interculturality,  AHA moments  collaborates with people, teams and organisations across the worlds of education, and youth to create extensive learning and action experience, at home and across borders.
The Centre practices are underpinned by sound theoretical foundations,making use of positive difference through Solutions Focus workpioneering Host Leadership, and Citizenship for democracy activities. They support educators in constructing solutions and aiming at successful outcomes.

Much research on intercultural competence (ICC) focuses on relatively recent human history,on a transnational era when, for many, especially in the economically privileged parts of the world, the possibilities for intercultural interactions have rapidly increased as physical andvirtual mobility opportunities have also increased through processes such as globalisation,tourism, economic migration, and international education. Such research has also tended to focus on the modernist project which developed essentially mono-ethnic, mono-cultural, and
even mono-linguistic constructions of society, and inherent nationally-framed understandingsof cultures. Leah has a different starting point. Using the narratives of often elderly SephardicJews living in Bulgaria, Leah reaches back almost a century in order to trace the intra-, inter-, andtrans-cultural activities that this diasporic community have engaged in, and continue to engage in. These are interactions enabled by their multilingualism and especially their main language of cultural affiliation, Ladino.Based on my exploration of their stories,  Leah has  developed a new, data-grounded conceptualisation of ICC as a dynamic process of performing intra-/inter-/trans-cultural identities in zones of interculturality. Understood in this way, ICC manifests itself as work ceaselessly in progress, as unfinished and evolving identity performance.

Interesting for: Interculturalist, Educators, Practitioners


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