Introducing our new hot topic: Climate Change & Migration

26 July 2022 | Climate Change, Curiously Intercultural, Hot Topic

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Over the last few months, our first hot topic on antiracism, diversity and inclusion filled the highlighted spot on Curiously Intercultural. Topics on diversity and inclusion are inseparable from the intercultural field, meaning that many different angles can be explored in research, practice, and our communities. And so did we! 


Our editor Meenu Gupta started her new series Coffee With MG, which will be published on a rolling monthly basis. In her first article of the series she interviewed former SIETAR Germany President Gary Thomas, and discussed the important role diversity and inclusion plays in achieving successful management goals within organisations. We also reflected in this post by Tamara Thorpe on the SIETAR EU anti-racism learning series held in 2020 and 2021, which can be re-watched on YouTube


Diversity and inclusion is still a ‘hot’, emerging, and foremost important topic in current global discussions and the intercultural field, and we could produce an endless flow of material. However, it is also important to let fresh air in sometimes. We are therefore excited to announce our next hot topic on the platform: Climate Change & Migration! During the second half of 2022, starting August, we will put content about climate change and migration in the spotlight.

What are the intercultural impacts of migration due to climate change? Will there be a need for increased intercultural awareness? What role does interculturalism play in the climate debate? These are some of the questions that will be explored in our content during the upcoming months. 


So far, we already introduced you a little to topics related to climate change and migration on Curiously Intercultural. We provided you the opportunity to attend the webinar Leading With Hope and Heart For Our Fragile Planet by climate coaches Jackie Arnold and Lydia Stevens last April. Next to that, our Curiously Intercultural editor Zaira Spanjersberg wrote about what reindeer and Indigenous perspectives can teach us about climate change


Are you interested or do you know someone who might want to publish content on this topic on Curiously Intercultural? Please do not hesitate to contact the editorial team with your proposed content via The team will then review your submission and discuss your contribution. 


Hope to see you on our platform!


Warm regards,

The Editorial Team

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