Hot Topic: Migration

23 April 2024 | Hot Topic, Migration

Passport control at the airport.

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When we initiated the Hot Topic section on our website, the editorial team’s aim was to provide a platform for interculturalists to exchange insights and information, perspectives on and solutions to the issues transcending geographical borders and age demographics. As 2024 unfolds, fresh concerns emerge, yet few rival the pertinence of migration.

Be it voluntary or forced, study- or work- related, temporary or permanent, – migration affects virtually every individual on the planet. Hence we are pleased to officially announce the new Hot Topic for the upcoming months –  Migration, and invite those researching or working in this field to share their experience and expertise with our readers by emailing us at

Ideas and articles traverse borders more effortlessly than individuals do, and they have the potential to inspire and unite people worldwide by addressing the challenges faced by migrants and creating a happier, more prosperous and harmonious global community.

Read, engage and contribute to this Hot Topic that is shaping our global society.


Text: Janna Kangeldieva

Image: Daniel Schludi 

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