SIETAR Europa Board Statement on Ukraine

1 March 2022 | Hot Topic

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Dear SIETAR Europa Members and Friends,

We strongly condemn the full-scale war that is taking place in Ukraine. The biggest country of Europe has become the target of a brutal Russian invasion. These unjustified and atrocious attacks are undermining the sovereignty of an independent country that seeks freedom of choice. The freedom to choose their allies, the freedom to collaborate internationally and the freedom to choose democracy.

As the motto of the European Union says, we are stronger when we are “united in diversity.” We, at SIETAR Europa, encourage the development and application of knowledge, values, and skills which enable effective intercultural and interethnic relations at individual, group, organisational, and community levels, including the international community and political spheres. We stand for cultural diversity, reflected in our values of openness, respect and diversity and inclusion. The unprovoked attacks on Ukraine represent an aggression against  these values.

Warfare never has winners, it is always a loss that we experience: the loss of innocent lives, the loss of freedom, the loss of sovereignty, the loss of humanity, the loss of choice, the loss of faith or the loss of family and friends. In this moment of reflection, we would like to encourage you to take action in order to reduce the amount of losses of this war. Here are a few links to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, international organizations and humanitarian actions in Ukraine that you can support:

As the SIETAR Europa community, we can work together to support Ukraine as best as we can. As it is said in Spanish, “every single spot of sand counts” (cada grano de arena cuenta) and every single action to support our colleagues, family and friends will be appreciated.

We stand with our colleague and Board Member Victoria Spashchenko, and we want to send our support to all Ukrainian SIETAR members, friends and families, who are currently living in this  state of war. Stay safe and remain strong.

We additionally want to express our support to those Russian citizens who are deeply shocked and ashamed by the brutal warfare from their leaders and who bravely demonstrate in the streets risking imprisonment and worse. We strongly support them in their ambition to change the system from within.

SIETAR Europa condemns in the strongest possible terms the Russian attacks on the Ukrainian people for the sake of political power.. The past has taught us to a devastating extent that war is not a solution. We stand with the people of Ukraine and their choice of freedom and democracy. We want to send our support to all the people that are currently fearing for their loss of freedom, as well as to all of us that are fearing for the lives of our colleagues, family and friends.

The SIETAR Europa Board & Executive Committee

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