If you are planning to create a SIG you should first read “SIGs In SIETAR Europa” on the SIETAR Europa.

The main contact for creation of a SIG will be a member of the Board of SEITAR Europa who is responsible for oversight of SIGs in SIETAR Europa. They can be contacted at this email address

All communications regarding SIG formation should be copied to the Board representative via the email address above

Top level steps:

  1. Part 1 – Get Approval
  2. Part 2 – Set up the SIG communications structures
  3. Part 3 – Communicate to the SIETAR Europa Members 

Part 1 – Getting Board Approval (see flow chart below)

  1. Come up with a concept (subject)
  2. Define the purpose of the SIG e.g. increase knowledge of the topic. See the home page of the Migration SIG for an example of a purpose statement
  3. Identify a minimum of 10 members for the group, three of whom should form the leadership team. Note that the SIG members must be members of SIETAR.
  4. Complete the Approval Request form requesting recognition of the SIG and send to the SIG approval email address This form will be validated by the SIG Representative on the SIETAR Europa Board
  5. Clarify any information requested by the Board SIG representative
  6. Once the details of the SIG are correct the SIG Representative will take the SIG details to the Board for approval.
  7. The Board will either
    1. Approve the SIG as it is
    2. Request further information or clarifications
    3. Rejected by the Board – with reasons
  8. If Board approval is received the SIG is now an official SIG of SIETAR Europa


Part 2 – setting up the SIG communications structures

Through the Communication Committee of SIETAR Europa set up the following:

  1. MailChimp account to register members. Due to GDPR requirements the setting up of a MailChimp account is mandatory. MailChimp allows you to create a form for members to join a distribution list where members give permission to the SIG to send them emails as required by GDPR.
  2. Set up a Website (to the SEITAR Europa standards). The SIETAR Europa Communications Committee will provide guidelines to create the website through a WordPress template. The website should include details of how to join the SIG and list all communications channels. See the Migration SIG Website as an example.
  3. Once the website is created the SIG should request that the Comms Committee place a link on the SIETAR Europa website
  4. LinkedIn discussion Group – this allows members to post interesting articles written by themselves or others

The following can also be set up by the SIG if required

  1. WhatsApp Group
  2. Slack forum

The SIG should check with the Communications Committee if they wish to set up any other communications channels. This is to verify if there are standards to be adhered to and to avoid too many channels being created.


Part 3 – Communication to the SIETAR Members

Announcement email to members

Once the communication structures are set up the SIG should request that the Communications Committee send an email to all SIETAR Europa members announcing the new SIG and asking for members. This email should contain details of the SIG website and a link to allow members join through a MailChimp form.



Written by Joe Kearns, Migration SIG Leadership team, April 2019