Call for Virtual Event Proposals: Webinars & CCC Breaks 2022

9 January 2022 | Community in Action

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Dear SIETARians,

The SIETAR Europa Member Benefits Committee is happy to announce that we are now accepting proposals for our SEU Webinar Series 2022 and our Cross-Cultural Coffee (CCC) Breaks in 2022!

With our monthly interactive webinars and CCC Breaks we aim to create a space for SIETAR members to learn, share knowledge and connect to the greater SIETAR community. While our webinars are public and address a larger audience our CCC Breaks are limited to 10 SIETAR members per session to encourage as much interaction as possible through a more informal discussion

In 2021, we hosted 11 webinars and 9 CCC Breaks covering a broad spectrum of topics in the intercultural field. The events have proven to be very popular with on average 100+ attendees in our webinars and always fully booked CCC Breaks. Check out past webinars in our YouTube channel and learn more about CCC Breaks on our website.

For 2022, we are looking to again present an exciting selection of topics. In our bonfire networking event in December 2021 we asked SIETARians what  they would like to learn more about in 2022 and below you will find six highlighted areas – maybe they will be inspiration for you to design your proposal:

    1. Interculturalism, diversity, equity and inclusion – how to work with differences, how to look for what unifies us, how to talk about taboos, social issues, death, religion. How to support people in the crisis situations (refugees and migrants), how to heal divided societies – how to overcome the gaps and bridge cultures?
    2. Impact of COVID-19 – what influence has COVID-19 on our activities in the intercultural field, how  is it impacting us culturally, how we can help with the pandemic reality using our intercultural competences?
    3. Arts and storytelling as tools for practitioners – arts and storytelling practices in the diversity and inclusion context, arts and artistic forms to enhance inclusion, neuroscience of storytelling for interculturalists
    4. Impact of climate change and our role as interculturalists in fighting it – how this subject links to our field, how we can facilitate climate education interculturally, what could be our new ways of approaching intercultural subjects taking climate into consideration?
    5. Interculturalism in the corporate context – how to help organizations to develop leadership that is based on D&I, how to make people aware of the need and value of culture, how to show ROI to HR? How to help organizations to create a hybrid work environment that will be individually and culturally aware.Additionally our members underlined that they would like to get more academic writing and research recommendations.


Gain visibility in the intercultural field by presenting a webinar with SIETAR Europa and join the intercultural discussion by providing us with your burning question for a CCC Break! For the event, we will give you access to our ZOOM platform and support you with moderation and tech support. If you are interested in submitting an event proposal please fill in this form (click here)by 1 February 2022. In case you have a question, please  reach out to

We wish you a good start into the new year and look forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Ann-Kristin Torkler, Chair

The SIETAR Europa Member Benefits Committee


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