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19 June 2023 | Lifestyle Expeditions

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Dear SIETARians, 


You are cordially invited to join the Lifestyle Expeditions that would take place in this section of the Curiously Intercultural platform. 

Why Expeditions? – Because we, as the 21st century interculturalists, are movers – by moving to and from places and cities we encounter new cultures and share our experiences helping others succeed in their fields transcending the borders. And, as in the case with the SIETARians, – moving places goes hand in hand with moving ideas and visions both via this platform and beyond. 

Why Lifestyle? – Because being an intercultural specialist is way much more than a profession, – it is a lifestyle that one adopts. By working in this field we see things and places, relish dishes and drinks, listen to music and watch performances through uniquely distinct lenses, which provide a kaleidoscopic view on cultures and enrich our worlds and interaction. 

At the time of the oversupply of information and undersupply of quality content, we are providing space for the Curiously Intercultural colleagues and cross-cultural specialists to share their thoughts and observations. And as all good things come in threes, will start this section by focusing on three subjects: Food Culture, Travel Notes and Wellbeing in the context of intercultural communication, of course. If you have something to share with us and with others, please submit your works to ci@sietareu.org with “Lifestyle Expeditions” in the subject line. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, buckle up your seatbelts and off we go to our first expedition …

Kind regards, 

CI Editorial Team 

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