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Leadership Teams

The Executive Committee plans, coordinates and implements the Board’s decisions and oversees the working committees. The Executive Committee is composed of four elected positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The current Executive Committee members are:

    • Carla Cabrera Cuadrado. President
    • Papa Balla Ndong, Vice President
    • Bernd Gibson, Executive Secretary
    • Martina Pulver, Treasurer

The Board of Directors is one of the governing bodies and the strategy-setting group of SIETAR Europa, as well as the decision-making body between annual general meetings. It is composed of representatives of the existing National SIETAR organisations in Europe and representatives of the Direct Members of SIETAR Europa. The Board of SIETAR Europa seeks to provide good governance and leadership to the organisation, its members and National SIETARs.

In so doing, the Board wishes to demonstrate their adoption of the six core principles of good governance:

  • Understanding their role
  • Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose
  • Working effectively both as individuals and as a team
  • Exercising effective contro
  • Behaving with integrity
  • Being open and accountabl

The Board Members, and the SIETAR they represent, are:

  • Birgit Hochreiter, SIETAR Austria
  • Grant Douglas, SIETAR France
  • Linda Hagen, SIETAR Germany
  • John Lee, SIETAR Ireland
  • Maria Mihaela Barbieru, SIETAR Italy
  • Yvonne van der Pol, SIETAR Netherlands
  • Lucia Bernabei, SIETAR Poland
  • Papa Balla Ndong, SIETAR Spain
  • Adrian Pilbeam, SIETAR UK
  • Charlotta Brynger, SIETAR Direct
  • Victoria Spashchenko, SIETAR Direct
The Management Operations Team (MOT) implements the annual strategic plan of the SIETAR Europa Board and ensures that strategic objectives and plans are met. The Head of the MOT collaborates with and reports to the Vice President of SIETAR Europa and:

  • liaises with the Board
  • participates in and contributes to Board strategy meetings
  • liaises with Committee heads
  • supports the work of the committees

The MOT consists of:

  • Lidi van Gool Head of the Management Operations Team
  • Christine Longé, Office Manager

The Communications Committee maximizes the organizational and member benefit of SIETAR Europa communications by managing the media currently in use and creating what is needed in terms of tools and protocols for seamless and timely interaction, focused on the successful promotion of our organizational and professional vision, objectives and activities. The Chair of the Communications Committee is Annabelle Baumann.

The Community Development Committee supports the development and organizational strengthening of national SIETAR organizations and SIGs. Creating new ways of capacity building for active board members and volunteers of national SIETAR organizations and SIG leaders is one of the priorities. Our aim is that national SIETAR organizations and SIGs continuously learn from each other, inspire each other with best practices, discuss topics they consider relevant, and don’t need to re-invent the wheel. In that way, SIETAR organizations and SIGs can do what they’re intended for: enabling effective intercultural relations. The Chair of the Community Development Committee is Claudia Issa.

The Digital Services Team provides tactical and strategic technical support to the SIETAR Europa organization, Board, Committees and members.  We are currently guiding the design, development and rollout across SIETAR Europa of a new platform aimed at improving service and benefits to members. We also maintain the website and support the Zoom online meeting/webinar platform. The Head of the Digital Services Team is Steve Miller.

The External Relations Committee is chaired by Vincent Montenero.

The Member Benefits Committee creates space for SIETAR members to exchange knowledge with and connect to the greater SIETAR community and beyond by organising and hosting interactive virtual events as well as managing the rolling online platform Curiously Intercultural. The different event types encompass webinars, Cross-Cultural Coffee Breaks and the Intercultural Playground series as well as the annual winter networking event. The Chair of the Member Benefits Committee is Ann-Kristin Torkler.

Carla Cabrera Cuadrado 2021-present
Tamara Thorpe 2019-2021
Joyce Jenkins 2017-2019
Pari Namazie 2015-2017
Claude Bourgeois 2015
Livingstone Thompson 2013-2015
Debby Swallow 2012-2013
Patrick Schmidt 2010-2011
Rob Giardina 2009-2010
Jonathan Levy 2008
Ildiko Polyak 2008
Alex Scheitza 2007
Maria Jicheva 2004-2007
Nathalie Lorrain 2004
Francien Wieringa 2002-2004
Priscilla Crubézy 2001-2002
Marie-Therese Claes 1999-2001
Vincent Merk 1997-1999
Liisa-Salo-Lee 1995-1997
Mieke Janssen-Matthes 1990-1995

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