Beyond networking – the Buddy Connection Program

Want to attend the conference but you are a first time attendee and don’t know anyone? Or, are you a returning conference attendee looking to connect with new friends in a new city and build a memorable experience together?

Our “Buddy Connection Program” can help you with that and more.

Consider sharing your hotel room with a potential roommate and you will be able to expand your network, and meet a colleague who could potentially become a really great friend and associate. One of the best side effects is, that you can reduce your overall expenses.

According to individual choices the buddy program matches participants of our conference to connect for certain or all of the listed activities

  • share accommodation
  • enjoy pre-and post tours and cultural activities together
  • attend the same pre-and post congress workshops
  • to plan and travel together

To take part in the Buddy Connection Program, fill out the template and send it to with “BUDDY CONNECTION” in the subject line.


The deadline to submit a buddy requests is 30.04.2019.


You can download the template here:

Please note for “BUDDY CONNECTION”, once you submit a request, you will be placed on the list to be matched with a buddy and expected to keep this commitment. It is recommended that you confirm your conference registration and travel plans in advance of submitting a roommate request. Although we cannot ensure to find you a match, we will try our bestin finding you a buddy.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with this part of your conference experience!