Keynote Speaker: Yuri Belfali

Head of the Early Childhood and Schools Division | OECD

Title of keynote: Are young people ready to navigate an interconnected world? Global competence and future of learning

Date: 31st of May 2019

Abstract: Twenty-first century students live in an interconnected, diverse and rapidly changing world. Emerging economic, digital, cultural, demographic and environmental forces are shaping young people’s lives around the planet, and increasing their intercultural encounters on a daily basis.  Learning of global competence is vital for young people to thrive in this rapidly changing and globally connected world.  Students could also be active agents to shape future societies by developing global competence.   

Drawing on the projects of the OECD Future of Education and skills, and PISA global competence assessment, I will explain the key concept of global competence and other important area of learning for the future of education.  I’ll also initiate reflection how the learning of global competence could be designed and assessed in school education. 

Ms. Belfali supports the Directorate for Education and Skills in providing strategic direction to the work on knowledge generation and its policy implication concerning skills development in early childhood education, care and school systems. She oversees large scale surveys including the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), Teaching and Learning International Survey programme (TALIS) and thematic analyses including the development of learning framework ‘the future of education and skills: OECD education 2030’. These programmes are key components of the OECD’s work to help countries promote learning opportunities for all. 

Ms. Belfali spent the last 20 years in France, the US, and in several countries of South East Asia, Africa and Middle East and North Africa regions. Before joining the OECD, she worked for UNICEF as Chief of the Education Section in Morocco and the World Bank in the field of human development between 2002 and 2012. She had a leadership role in advising governments for education reforms and gender mainstreaming. Ms. Belfali, a Japanese national, holds a Master’s degree in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University.