Film Festival: For the Sins of the Fathers (Episode 1)
by Rudi Vranckx

When: Thursday, 30th of May 2019, 16.30 – 18.00 | Lengths: 45 minutes*

*after the screening: interview and extensive discussion with the audience with director Rudi Vranckx, moderated by Helga Schepers, trainer in the field of intercultural learning, training for trainers and team development on decision making through the process of Deep Democracy

Do children have to pay for the sins of their fathers and sometimes also their mothers?

In every war there are perpetrators and victims, and also innocent people. In the past years, a whole generation of jihad fighters has left for Syria and Iraq. Many have been killed during the fighting, some have gone into hiding, the others will and have to be tried. Their fate seems clear. But what happens to their children?

In the three-part series ‘For the Sins of the Fathers’, Rudi Vranckx follows Belgian parents of jihadists in their months-long struggle for their grandchildren in the fallen caliphate. He travels past Kurdish prison camps in Syria and through an orphanage in Baghdad to the border area between Syria and Turkey.

The result is a series of human stories at the intersection of journalism and instant history.

This documentary shows how important open dialogues are, with family members but also the government and official units.

Episode 1: While the caliphate is faltering, the news trickles through to Belgium. The grandparents here live in uncertainty: have their grandchildren died in the war? Or are they still alive? And if so where? Via WhatsApp and Facebook they get messages that makes one family fall into despair and raising hope elsewhere. Some have managed to escape from the ranks from IS.

The grandparents decide to unite, hoping to be stronger together in their demand to do something for the grandchildren. But to whom can they put their questions?

Meanwhile, thousands miles away, Rudi Vranckx wanders through the debris of Mosul, the clothes pressed against his mouth. He sees many dead IS fighters and the orphans of IS.

More information: SIETAR Europa Congress 2019 Programme and Film Festival.