SIETAR Europa Executive Committee Elections 2024

At the SIETAR Europa Congress in Lille the members of SEU will elect a new Executive Team. These include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary of SIETAR Europa. This will be the first time the Executive Committee will be elected at an in-person event by the SEU members, which is quite exciting. 

Members will be able to vote at and before the Congress as well as in-person during the General Assembly, which will take place within the frame of the SEU Congress.

  • Any member of SIETAR Europa can nominate any member of SIETAR Europa to any of the positions. More precisely, this is what the Election Guidelines say about the Nomination Process:
  • All members of SIETAR Europa shall be able to nominate candidates for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Any person nominated needs to fulfil the following criteria:
    • Be a member of a national SIETAR that is a member of SIETAR-Europa,
    • or be a direct member of SIETAR Europa
    • Hold that membership for longer than 12 month before the election
    • Be in good standing within their organisation of membership
  • The nominations shall be collected via an online form.
  • Individuals shall be able to nominate themselves.
  • A person can nominate more than one candidate.
  • A person who has received more than two nominations is considered to be nominated.

    The list of nominations will not be published publicly until the nominated persons have been contacted, their eligibility has been assured, and they have agreed to be announced as a candidate.

    If you wish to nominate one or several people for these positions, you can do this by clicking the ‘Submit Nomination(s)’ button on this page.

    Deadline for Nominations
    31 December 2023