Pre-Congress Workshop Submission Guidelines


We invite you to submit your proposals for pre-Congress workshops at  the

2024 SIETAR Europa Congress in Lille, France

Systems: the ecosystem of interculturalism

SIETAR Europa Congress 2024 will take place on 5th-9th June in Lille, France with the theme “Systems: the ecosystem of interculturalism”. It is a great opportunity to offer a pre-congress workshop to the interculturalists and other professionals attending the congress.

On Tuesday the 4th of June and Wednesday the 5th of June, we are offering the possibility to deliver half-day, one-day or two-day pre-congress workshops addressing the following issues:

  • certification/license in intercultural tools or methodologies
  • exploring knowledge of intercultural field
  • expanding knowledge of other disciplines / methodologies – exploring a discipline or methodology that is part of the wider intercultural ecosystem (e.g., mediation, history, social justice, DEI, post-colonial theories, etc.)

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a Pre-Congress Workshop, please read the attached details.


Your workshop can be half-day, 1- or 2- days long. The events will take place on 5th June (0,5-day or 1-day workshop) or on 4th-5th June (in case of 2-day workshop) in Lille, France, in the same facilities as the Congress.

SIETAR Europa’s partner, IESEG in Lille, provides rooms for the Pre-Congress Workshops free of charge. Workshop providers need to cover the remaining costs related to the workshop delivery (such as transport and accommodation of trainer(s), materials for participants etc.). SIETAR Europa will support the registration process as a part of the registration process to the main Congress.

You can charge a participation fee for your workshop. If you do not want to charge a fee, be aware that you will have to cover costs for coffee-breaks and materials on your own. Registration will be open to Congress participants as well as people who are only interested in the Pre-Congress Workshop. The profit (so whatever participants pay in participation fee minus the costs for coffee-breaks and possible purchases for materials you may ask for) from your workshop will be shared 75/25 between you as the workshop provider (75%) and SIETAR Europa (25%).

In order to submit your proposal for a Pre-Congress Workshop please fill in this form.

The deadline for submission is 30th November 2023.

Program decisions will be shared in the end of January, and presenters of accepted Pre-Congress Workshops will have two weeks to confirm their acceptance.

The registration for the Pre-Congress Workshops will start in February 2024 together with the Congress registration.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Deadline for submission:
30 November 2023