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ARLS: Decolonization, Power and the Intercultural Field: What is our Future?

28 November 2022
19:00 - 20:30 CET

Annelie Wambeek

Annelie Wambeek was an interculturalist long before she knew the term, having been raised and educated across continents. She is part Sri Lankan, part English, born in Sweden, lived in Spain and has Dutch ancestors – so interculturalism is both her life and work! Raised as a Third Culture Kid, her lived experience of multiculturalism played a formative role in her life, and continues to today. As an adult she honed her intercultural competences through academic studies in Sociology, Cultural Studies and an MSc in International Relations.

Today Annelie has the privilege of working independently with global clients, at the intersection between the DEI and intercultural fields, with a focus on practical inclusion and belonging.

Glenroy Watson

I am a Pan Afrikanist Trade unionist with over 40 years within my union RMT (Rail Maritime and Transport)

I’ve been a trade unionist all my working life from my days within the Student Union while studying for my engineering degree.

I have been elected President of the London Transport Regional Council, Chair and current Secretary of the RMT’s Black Solidarity Committee (BSC) Member of the TUC’s Race Relations Committee (RRC) for almost 20 years,

Executive Committee members of British Anti -Apartheid Movement and Chair of its Black Solidarity Committee.

In 2001 I attended the World Conference and Barbados as a Trade unionist and ended up chairing the workshop on Labour.

Global Afrikan Congressuk continues to be a powerful player within uk Afrikan politic and is part of the Reparations road map.

Evelyn Shilamba

Evelyn Shilamba is a business executive who worked in the public and private sectors as well as non-governmental organizations. She is a proponent of good governance. She is the Director of the Pan-Afrikan Centre of Namibia (PACON), an organization that inculcates Pan-Afrikan values on the Afrikan continent and the Diaspora; and advocates PanAfrikanism by collecting and disseminating information that depicts a progressive Afrika, and consciously inculcate Afro-pride and spearhead the economic development of Afrika based on a disciplined foundation, integrity, and honesty.


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