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Congress 2024

Congress LiveStream: Mapping the intersections of inequality, Dr Suriyah Bi

7 June 2024
18:00 - 19:30 CET

Mapping the intersections of inequality: From legislation to lived experience of UK Equality Law

Equality and diversity seem to be pushed at the centre of company marketing techniques while simultaneously being pushed at the peripheries of legislation that guides lived experience from the micro, macro, and supermacro levels. In recent weeks, the UK has approved the Rwanda Policy, distancing itself from the Equality and Human Rights of migrants and refugees, the High Court has allowed a school to ban the Muslim Prayer, a ruling which is being hailed as a victory for all schools in the country, and women have been protesting at the centuries old discrimination and exclusion the Garrick club exercises even today. With such blatant examples of disregard for equality and diversity ingrained in the tapestry of British society. Taking the Equality legislation as a locus point to examine the level of inequality, this keynote will argue that lived experience of inequality is being exacerbated through tools of the state – law and policy – which are draped in racism, misogyny, and elitism.


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Live Streamed on YouTube

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