Dear SIETARians,

For the start of 2022, we have prepared something new and exciting for you: I am happy to announce that Curiously Intercultural, SIETAR Europa’s new rolling online platform, is live now!

So what is Curiously Intercultural actually about?

The idea of Curiously Intercultural was born in summer 2021 during an innovation process that the SIETAR Europa Board organized around the SIETAR Europa Journal. This innovation process facilitated by SIETAR Europa board member Birgit Hochreiter took several months and brought together many different perspectives within SIETAR. The outcome is the creation of Curiously Intercultural, a rolling online platform, which builds upon and takes further the work of the formerly published SIETAR Europa Journal. 

With Curious Intercultural SIETAR Europa strives to develop a more interactive online format, providing a platform for exchanging intercultural experiences, ideas, and research among the SIETAR community and beyond, offering a new experience to our readers.

Curiously Intercultural’s mission:
Promoting an exchange of ideas among the interculturally curious


And what does Curiously Intercultural look like?

Curiously Intercultural is a web-based platform integrated into the SIETAR Europa website. The web page and its logo have been designed by Kristian Zwart, Head of the Platform, in the colors of all our national SIETARs, symbolizing what SIETAR is about at the core: a community.

Starting from 1 January 2022 new articles about research in the intercultural field, insights for practitioners and what is going on in the SIETAR community will be published on a regular basis. Hereby, our editors will always pick a focus topic for a certain time period to provide profound insights on the selected topic. Building upon our Anti-racism learning series and our first-ever Virtual Institute held in autumn 2021 on the topic of “Anti-racism, Inclusion, and Intersectionality” our first focus topic is “Anti-racism, diversity and inclusion”.

The exciting thing about this: Curiously Intercultural will be driven by its audience, meaning by you! If there is a topic you would like to learn more about or an article you would like to publish yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

The ongoing management of Curiously Intercultural lies with the Member Benefits Committee where we strive to maximize the value for SIETARians by providing a platform to share knowledge with and connect to the greater SIETAR community. The editorial team consists of Kristian Zwart (Head of Platform), Zaira Spanjersberg and Meenu Gupta and is supported by the whole Member Benefits Committee. I would like to thank Kristian and the whole team for their great work in getting the platform up and running!

The Member Benefits Committee at our hybrid workshop November 2021 where important groundwork for Curiously Intercultural was laid

A big thank you to Patrick Schmidt and the Journal team for the past 12 years!

The SIETAR Europa Journal was published by SIETAR Europa and headed by Editor in Chief Patrick Schmidt for the past 12 years, starting in 2009. It became very popular with the SIETAR community and much appreciated by its readers as it enabled them to gain insights in the intercultural field while also learning about the latest developments in the SIETAR community. Patrick told me that his interviews with fellow interculturalists published in the Journal also encouraged new people to join the SIETAR community. 

In 2020 then, Patrick was joined by the SIETARians Kirsten Wächter and Christine Taylor as co-editors, providing a fresh perspective to the editorial team. I would like to thank the team and especially Patrick for their dedication and outstanding work over the past years and all the insightful reads they prepared for us!

In order to continue to enjoy the articles previously published in the Journal, Curiously Intercultural features many of the more recent Journal articles so you can re-read your favorites and deep dive into your topics of interest.

We warmly invite you to visit Curiously Intercultural (CLICK HERE)  to discover new exciting reads, re-read selected Journal articles, and to connect with the SIETAR community and beyond!


I wish you a great start into 2022 and look forward to welcoming you on our new platform!

Best wishes,

Ann-Kristin Torkler

Head of Member Benefits Committee